Have You Thought of This Tool?

An adjustable ratcheting strap wrench.

An adjustable ratcheting strap wrench.

Have you ever used a ratcheting strap wrench to help remove an interior rear-view mirror? How about turning to a finishing-nail punch set (double-ended) to help in removing door-glass rivets? Each of you has developed your own unique tool bag to help you get an automotive glass repair and replacement job done more smoothly. Each of you has an innovative idea floating around in your head. Now is the time to share it.

“Are you having difficulty removing interior rear-view mirrors? Make it easier by using an adjustable ratcheting strap wrench to twist it off the bracket and put it back on the windshield,” says Deborah Hernandez of Able Auto Glass. “This tool works exceptionally well in any tight-fitting areas inside the vehicle, too, such as in Volkswagens with rain sensors. I found a plastic one at the dollar store so it does not scratch the new windshield. I have also seen them at Sears and they are probably available at auto parts stores to remove oil filters.”

A finishing-nail punch set can also be put to good use.

“Door glass rivets can be hard to remove, which will add additional time to your job,” she points out. “A spring-loaded finishing-nail punch set (double ended) always works.”

Place the tool in the center of a rivet and pull it back several times.

“The spring creates such a hard forceful whack that the rivet pops out with ease,” Hernandez explains. “We bought ours from a local woodworking supply store or you may buy it online here.”

What ideas have you developed over your years of doing automotive glass repairs and replacements? I’m looking for ideas to share with the glassBYTEs.com™/AGRR™ magazine community. You will receive credit for the idea and perhaps you will even find a new one.

Please take a moment to share your idea in the comments below (please include your name and company) or email jreed@glass.com. I encourage you to send in a photo of your tool in action. We’ll send you a $10 gift card to Panera or Starbucks for your effort (but we need your email to do it). Just a moment of your time can make a world of difference to a fellow technician. After all, isn’t it the season of giving?

Happy April Fool’s Day

Pokémon are taking over the world. Have you heard? Well, according to Google Maps, they are. Happy April Fool’s Day! Could the biggest April Fool’s Day joke of all be coming from Mother Nature? Looking outside, the sun is shining here in Washington, D.C., and it’s supposed to be a beautiful day. Is this yet another warm snap before we get more snow? I sure hope not. While the bad weather drove an increase in AGRR business in many areas, I think many of us are ready for Spring to have finally arrived. And today is a day to welcome Spring by pulling pranks on your favorite coworkers and friends.

So far our office has been quiet. How about your workplace? Over the years I have learned that work and fun go well together. If you appreciate who you work with and enjoy spending time together, it makes your job easier and more enjoyable. If you and your coworkers have a matching willingness to do your best and be at the top of your game, your company will surely benefit.

Are all of us fortunate enough to be doing what we love? Perhaps not, but we can try to help each other get through our workdays, particularly the long ones, by taking the time say a simple thank you for a job well done and appreciate some hard work.

We can do this through small signs of appreciation. Perhaps we give a coworker some chocolate, offer to get them coffee or to buy them lunch? Or perhaps on a day like today, we pull warm-hearted pranks designed to make each other smile. Whatever you choose to do, remember, we are all in this together and a little respect can go a long way.

Did you pull any pranks this year in celebration of April Fool’s Day? If so, please share them by emailing jreed@glass.com. I would also love to hear how you take the time to appreciate your team. Do you sponsor an annual outing? Do you host a big holiday party? Or is it in the simple, everyday things you do?

For a roundup of some of the top April Fools’ pranks today, click here.